Franziska Treptow

Franziska Treptow is a german artist best known for her realistic paintings of animals and detail of nature. Her skills are based on an autodidactic artist education. What triggered her creative urge was a pure interest in the hole beauty of flora and fauna. Her sources of inspiration vary constantly: from a walk through the nature to something she sees, reads or notices in a completely different context. Always different, her influences come from a wide range of interest areas. In the end, her real passion is being alone in the studio, experimentation and search for her own art figurative language.

All the complex details and compositions of shadow, light and the space around intend to create a intense emotion for the viewers. Her works have been exhibited in the Australia Lethbridge Gallery and she was the finalist in the australia 10000 Small Scale Award.

To become aware of the composition and accentuation of light and shadow she combined her skills and experimented with a limited color range to create a beautiful artwork.



2016 Affordable Art Fair Milan
2016 Galeria Gaudi Madrid

2015 Australia Lethbridge Gallery
2015 Finalist 10000 Small Scale Award


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